Manual Physical Therapy


Helping People Live Happier, Productive, Pain-free Lives

Manual Physical Therapy is one of the main services we are built around as a well established means of handling pain and dysfunction in the body. We treat people without the use of prescription drugs with methods that really help people to alleviate their pain.

If you are having issues moving around because of aging or injury or if you experience pain, our highly trained staff will be able to assess the source of your pain and design a recovery program specifically for you.

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Exercise Prescription

get-exercise-prescription-onpoint-physical-therapy-washingtonEveryone needs to exercise, but there are different gradients involved in that.

If you have just had a hip replacement you aren’t going to be running a marathon; and likewise, if you are a professional or amateur athlete you are going to have different requirements that need to be met. We understand this and we work with you to develop the best possible exercise regime for you.

Our highly trained and friendly team will make your scheduled exercise, combined with whatever therapy you might need, the best possible experience.

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Sports Injury Rehabilitation


We Can Help You Attain Optimal Performance

Whether your sport is on a field, a track or a court, we understand you want to be healthy and in your best physical condition to allow for optimal performance. We also understand there are times when this doesn’t seem to be the case… whether you have an injury during the season, aches and pains that never seem to go away or a nagging injury that seems to come back every season.

Our therapists specialize in athletic injury rehabilitation as well as injury prevention programs using analysis of individual weaknesses and technique. Our goal is to help you achieve your sports goals.

Spine Rehabilitation

Having a back problem is no fun – it can keep you out of work, and it can stop you from doing everyday things that you might have taken for granted before the problem presented itself. There are a lot of different ways in which your spine can be affected and it is quite common for someone to experience back pain at some point in their life.

Not everyone is aware that there are many alternatives to over-the-counter medication, or that these pills very often only mask the symptoms rather than providing any real solutions.

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We often use spinal mobilization as part of a more comprehensive physical therapy regime. It has proven to be very efficacious in helping joint mobility, restored blood flow, and reducing muscle tension while improving muscle function. So whether your back problems derive from injury, general wear and tear, or come about through the natural process of aging, we can help you!

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

We Can Help You Get Moving Again!

Our orthopedic program is designed to help you heal and improve your health. We are highly skilled in the assessment of movement and can help you move better, often with less pain, through skilled manual therapy, therapeutic exercise and education.

The following health conditions are often managed by orthopedic physical therapy:

  • orthopedic-rehabilitation-onpoint-physical-therapy-washingtonLow back and neck pain
  • Rotator cuff injuries and other shoulder problems
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Post-operative rehabilitation from orthopedic surgical procedures
  • Muscle strains
  • Joint sprains/pain/swelling, including knee and ankle injuries
  • Chronic pain
  • Tennis/golfer’s elbow
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

work-conditioning-onpoint-physical-therapy-washingtonInjured Worker Rehabilitation

Be The Best Worker You Can Be

We all become work “athletes” at some point in our lives. Just as it is important to train and prepare for the stresses a sport can place on our bodies, we must also prepare our bodies for the work we do.

Our therapists can help you prepare for a job and/or recover from a job injury. Whether this means assessing your work station and postures, recommending new equipment to make your job easier or prescribing an individualized stretching and strengthening program, we are here to help.

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Gait Analysis

We Can Help With Your Mobility Issues

gait-analysis-onpoint-physical-therapy-washingtonThere are a number of things which can affect your mobility and when your mobility is diminished it can seriously impact on your life. We see this with a lot of our patients and we are passionate about helping people with.

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Being able to do certain things just seems natural and isn’t something you ever think about, until you can’t do them. Whether it has been a gradual decline bought on by aging, some worsening condition, or an injury, there are solutions.

With Gait Analysis, we are able to assess the way you walk or run and identify the problems that you are experiencing. Once we have determined this we can develop a program that will help you get moving again with ease and confidence.

Free Injury Screens

Take Your Life Back – We Can Help You Take Your First Steps Toward Recovery

complimentary-pain-consultations-onpoint-physical-therapy-washingtonDo you have an injury or pain that prevents you from participating in the activities you enjoy? We offer free pain screens to patients, their friends and family and our community. During the screen, a licensed physical therapist will screen your injury and make recommendations for further care as appropriate.

The screen is not a comprehensive initial evaluation but rather an option to receive guidance as you take the first step towards getting back to the activities you enjoy. These can be scheduled at any of our locations at any time.

Massage Therapy

We offer Massage Therapy services by a licensed massage therapist.

Used by physical therapists to
• break down or reduce adhesions
• improve range of motion
• lengthen muscles and tendons
• reduce swelling and edema
• decrease pain

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